Thursday, November 22, 2007

A bit of pondering caused by google searches

A frightening large number of my daily hits comes from Google searches on Danish rapper Natasja Saad, whose death I covered initially here and a little more here. As I wrote at the time, she was a classmate of mine back in 7th to 9th grade, when we were early teenagers.

Since we parted ways, I followed her career both as a jockey and as a rapper/singer from a distance, and kept track of what she was doing. Her musical style wasn't necessarily what I normally listen to, but there was no doubt that she had talent, and this also became more and more recognized by others as well. Just before her death, she had had something of a breakthrough, getting a fair amount of air play on Danish radio, and everyone expected her next album to really make her name.

Instead she got killed in a meaningless car accident, most likely caused by a combination of a drunk and high driver and a lack of seatbelt.

Her album was almost finished when she died, and Natasja's mother asked the producers to go ahead and release it, since that was what Natasja would have wanted. The album was released in september.

I haven't been able to face her music except in those small doses played on radio. However, I came across the album the other day, and bought it, and am listening to it right now.

What can I say? I am sitting with tears in my eyes, but damn it's a good album. Natasja had opinions, political or otherwise, and wasn't afraid of including them in her music. While Natasja was closer to certain alternative places, like Ungdomshuset and Christiania, than I'll ever be, but I find many of her messages very relevant in the current political situation in Denmark. We could certainly use other musicians like her, who dare to tell the truth as they see it.

I've included some youtube videos of her music.

If people want more information about what's currently happening related to Natasja, then her Myspace profile is the place to go.

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