Saturday, November 17, 2007

Michael Medved named senior fellow of the Discovery Institute

I see that according to William Dembski, the Discovery Institute has named radio host Michael Medved a Senior Fellow.

Michael Medved, nationally syndicated talk radio host and bestselling author, has joined the Discovery Institute in the role of senior fellow. The position cements a longstanding friendship and recognizes a commonality of values and projects across a spectrum of issues.

I wonder if these shared values include defending slavery?

Of course, neo-Creationism (and neo-Conservatism) is not the only wacko belief that Medved has - this comes from his own website:

Dan Sytman, Michael's long-time producer and now highly successful co-host of his own morning show, once saw Bigfoot at the edge of a summer camp in the woods. Even before meeting Dan, Michael was a passionate believer in Sasquatch.

Sounds like he will fit right in into the Discovery Institute.

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