Saturday, November 10, 2007

Invasive fish in Australia

As most people are probably well aware, Australia has a lot of trouble with invasive species. Of course, people tend to think of rabbits and maybe rats, foxes, and Cane Toads. There is, however, another widespread one - the European, or Common, Carp. This particular invasive species is also widespread in the US and Canada, causing problems for the native fish.

From Australia, there is now evidence that the current drought that New South Wales is experiencing, is reducing the spreading of the carp. While the drought obviously have some bad consequences on a number of things, it might make it possible to get rid of these unwanted fish, who makes up 80-90% of all fish in inland NSW.

Even if the fish are not removed, the drought has led to new knowledge about their breeding habits, allowing for more efficient combating of the fish.

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