Saturday, November 24, 2007

Having a science education doesn't make you a scientist

New York Times has a interesting, and somewhat frustrating, article about Young Earth Creationists.

Rock of Ages, Ages of Rock By Hanna Rosin

It's interesting because it present us with YECs who actually have an education in the field they are talking about - the article starts out talking about the First Conference on Creation Geology - and how they have to reject the scientific method to keep their deluded beliefs. It's also interesting because it tells us a little about how these YECs create problems for Christian scientists in general, since they have an undue influence.

It's frustrating because the article doesn't make clear that what they are saying go against all scientific evidence (though they half-way admit it themselves), and it's even more frustrating because Rosin keeps talking about the YECs as scientists, even though they are clearly not! It takes more than a science education to become a scientist - you have to follow the scientific method, and go where the evidence leads you. When you have someone saying

“If all the evidence in the universe turned against creationism, I would be the first to admit it, but I would still be a creationist because that is what the Word of God seems to indicate. Here I must stand.”

Then he is not a scientist. So stop calling them that!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Wager is, of course, referring to a statement made by Dr. Kurt Wise, graduate of Harvard Un., and PhD student of none other then Stephen Jay Gould. As Richard Dawkins has commented, a very sad case indeed.

November 24, 2007 4:30 PM  

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