Friday, March 21, 2008

I want to see this movie

There are always interesting movies being made, but this sounds like a movie that I really got to see.

They are currently making a new movie in San Francisco, Milk, about the first openly gay elected official, Harvey Milk, in California.

The wikipedia article about Harvey milk gives a good background story of Harvey Milk, his importance, and his death.

I became aware of the movie, when reading this San Francisco Chronicle article about the filming.

The article starts of with describing how Sean Penn, who plays Harvey Milk, not only makes one of Milk's most important speeches for the movie, but then makes his own speech after the shooting had ended.

A production assistant followed Penn around the front of City Hall with a large navy blue umbrella. She held it over his head to shield him from the sun. Seeing he had a captive audience, Penn broke loose of the umbrella to deliver an impromptu speech that Milk would have loved.

"I almost wish Jerry Falwell were alive to see this. Almost," Penn shouted to the crowd. After dropping some names of conservatives who are still with us - "Bill O'Reilly, who is too stupid to talk about," and "Sean Hannity, the butt boy of Rupert Murdoch," Penn said, "We know something more. We know their end is near."

I hope Penn is right.

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