Sunday, March 09, 2008

Good takedown of Charlotte Allen

A week or so ago, anti-feminist Charlotte Allen, who used to work for the Independent Women’s Forum, wrote an incredible stupid and nasty anti-woman screed, which for some reason was published in the Washington Post.

Unsurprising, the feminist blogsphere were all over it (e.g. Feminsite), and the Washington Post's ombudsman called the piece "a bad joke" (probably due to the 1500 angry letters the piece generated).

Now, Katha Pollitt has a great response to it in the newspaper.

Dumb and Dumber: An Essay and Its Editors

The question is not why Charlotte Allen wrote her silly piece -- it's why The Post published it.

Oh, and you know that you've burned yourself, when even your allies dismiss your piece (warning, takes you to the Independent Women’s Forum website).

Also of interest: Media Matters demolishes the so-called facts in Allen's piece

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