Sunday, March 02, 2008

Blogroll update

At long last I have gone through my blogroll, and updated it. Mostly I've added some new ones, updated some, and removed a few dead links. The updates have either been to a newer link, or with a newer title - if both have changed, I consider it a new blog.

I've removed a blog from the list, even though the link wasn't dead - the reason was that I can't any longer endorse it, even implicitly, since the authors apparently think it's fine to write inflammatory posts which they later claim to be a social experiment. Be that it might be, I consider it trolling, which I don't support.

Next to some of the blogs still on the blogroll, I've written "discontinued", which is an indication that the blog is either officially closed, or there haven't been any activity there for several months. These blogs are candidates for purging the next time I update my blogroll (which is getting too long).

I recommend people to go through the blogs, which are a mixture of blogs posting about skepticism, science, feminism, economics, and to a lesser degree politics.

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