Saturday, March 15, 2008

New mathematical object found

I came across this interesting piece of news. A student, Ce Bian, at Bristol University, has togetehr with his supervisor, Andrew Booker, discovered a new mathematical object. It's described as a ‘third degree transcendental L-function’ by the Bristol University's news story the subject.

I won't claim to have any deep knowledge about L-functions - it's way to hardcore for me - but many people will know of the Riemann Zeta Function, which comes from the Riemann Hypothesis, one of the Millennium Problems from the Clay Institute.

According to the news article from Bristol University, the new discovery might be a step towards proving the Riemann Hypothesis, but I can say if that's correct or not.
Perhaps Foxy or Mark can tell us more.

Edit: More about this from the American Institute of Mathematics

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