Friday, March 21, 2008

Anna David's The Little Girl

A few months ago, the Danish music artist Anna David released a new album, on which there was a song "Den Lille Pige" (trans.: The Little Girl).

The song generated some notice in Denmark when it was released, because it was about rape and the costs of it. Not only that, it was a deeply personal song, about Anna David's own rape, when she was seventeen. She made a song about it to help others in the same situation.

I hadn't heard it before today, but the song is deeply moving, especially if you know the back story. Sadly, I haven't been able to find an English version of the text, but the music video is below. The chorus is something like

Outside no-one can see it, but it is inside.
You took something that for ever changed the small girl.
Even though she is grown up now, she'll never forget you.
Believe me words, because the little girl was me.

I liked some of her earlier stuff, but my respect for her has increased a lot.

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