Sunday, October 21, 2007

Atheism and Creationism in the news

A couple of atheism-related stories caught my attention, so I thought I'd share them.

In the Chrisitan Post we have this rather interesting headline: Atheist China Vows to Encourage Religion

That sounds interesting, doesn't it? Sounds like that China is making a complete turn-around on the issue of religion.
When reading the article, it becomes clear that this is far from the case.

China has promised to offer religious services to foreigners at the 2008 Olympic Games and to have religion play a positive role in the future of the officially atheist country, the top religious affairs official said Wednesday.

Yes, they say that they won't crack down hard on religion and religious groups in the future, but instead encourage them to "play a positive role 'in promoting economic and social development'". Well, that's not exactly encouraging religion is it? Instead it is encouraging religious people to work with the regime in a way that the regime approves off.

A different matter, but one which we have seen so many times before, an atheist family is standing up for their religious freedom, and their freedom from religion.

Atheist Family Sues School Over Popular Program

Quite a loaded headline isn't it? 'Popular' is such a positive word, but words like 'unconstitutional' would perhaps have fitted better? That seems to be what one family believes after all.

A popular program in the Cherry Creek School District has come under fire from atheists. The group called the Freedom from Religion Foundation has filed a lawsuit claiming the school district is promoting religion.

A lawsuit, filed in federal court, claims the school district is violating the constitutional separation of church and state.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation and an atheist family claim the program, called 40 Developmental Assets, encourages religion over non-religion.

"A public school system shouldn't be recommending students go to church or not go to church," said Bob Tiernan, attorney for the atheist family. "That's an individual decision made by parents and children."

I came across a great summary of recent events related to Creationism and neo-Creationism in Europe and the US.

Holding Back The Flood

Currently it looks like there is going to be a new government in Poland after the up-coming elections, and among the reasons for that is the kind of behavior described in the article.

In Poland, Deputy Minister of Education, Miroslaw Orzechowski, a member of the ultra-conservative league of Polish Families dispensed with the notion of evolution by calling it a “lie”.

Hopefully, the rest of the politicians sprouting such nonsense will also get kicked out of their positions, though I must admit that I don't hold high hopes for the US in this regard.

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