Sunday, November 08, 2009

Will the US finally get universal health care?

I have never hidden my stance on universal health care. I am completely in favor it. What's more, I consider it an atrocity that any western country can have millions of citizens who haven't got basic health care coverage.

It looks like the US has finally realized this as well. Obama made it one of his key issues during the election (as did the other Democratic candidates), and has been working hard to get it through since he stepped into office. What's more, every poll shows that the majority of the US population backs his efforts.

Now, it looks more likely that this effort will become successful.

The US congress has voted 220-215 for expanding health care coverage in the US.

This was a largely partisan vote, with 219 Democrats, and only 1 Republican, voting for the expansions, and 39 Democrats and 176 Republicans voting against the expansion. You can see how the members voted here. Note the names of the people who voted against, especially the Democrats. These are the people who want millions of US citizens to continue not having health care coverage. Remember this during the next election - these people don't have the best interest of the voters in mind.

The battle is not over yet - the bill has to pass the senate - but it is a lot closer now than a few days ago.

There is much not to like about the bill which passed in the Congress. I don't like the reliance on insurance companies, and I hate the anti-abortion amendment, which the anti-choice members of the Congress got introduced. Yet, even with these flaws, there is much to like, e.g. the abolition of preexisting conditions. It's a good first step, and hopefully the Democrats won't stumble now.

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Blogger Green Stone said...

The whole rider system in the States is ridiculous, I don't know how you guys get any bills passed at all. (As opposed to here in Canada, where half the time it's a benign dictatorship in Parliament.)

It's a great first step, and eventually amendments can be overturned...hopefully.

November 29, 2009 5:38 PM  

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