Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sorry for the silence

I know I've been quite lately, and I just want to tell you all that it's not because I've forgotten my blog - or even because I am closing it down. I'm just busy with real life.

I am still working at a time-extensive major financial project, which has its final deadline (so far) at the end of next month. On top of that I've started working on getting a MCPD (Microsoft Certified Professional Developer). Not that I really need it, but it's part of the overall strategy for my .NET department, which I helped formulate, so I'd better do it.

I've also started up a study group at work, where we study design patterns (from the classical GoF book). Most of us have already read the book at some stage, but the plan is to involve peoples' real life experiences, and tie the design patterns to real life solutions. For those interested, we use this study plan, which seems pretty well thought out.

At the end of the month, I'm going to JAOO, where the keynote speakers are quite interesting. I'm especially looking forward to hear Lars Bak from Google. He is part of the Google Chrome team, and it's going to be interesting to hear about his experiences.

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