Friday, August 15, 2008

Stone Age graveyeard found in Sahara

There is a lot of news about th discoveries of the largest known graveyard of Stone Age people in Sahara. The initial discovery was made by paleontologist Paul Sereno eight years ago, and since then he has lead a team of archaeologists in uncovering the graves.

I first came across the story in the NY Times (Graves Found From Sahara’s Green Period), but there is better coverage of the story in National Geographic (Ancient Cemetery Found; Brings "Green Sahara" to Life, With Stone Age Graveyard Discovery in "Green Sahara," the Age of Exploration Continues and Green Sahara, the last links to an article from the September issue).

Given the length of the National Geographic article, I can't really add anything relevant. Go read it instead.

Edit: Via Greg laden I became aware of the fact that the findings were actually reported in PLoS One
Lakeside Cemeteries in the Sahara: 5000 Years of Holocene Population and Environmental Change by Sereno et al.

Sloppy of me not to realize that - sorry everyone.

Edit 2: And when PLoS One has a breaking story, naturally Coturnix must have a blogpost about it.

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