Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lazy linking

NY Times tells the story about a rather strange will

In a will he wrote last year, a few months before the Federal Bureau of Investigation focused the anthrax letters investigation on him, Dr. Ivins wrote of his wish to be cremated and have his ashes scattered. But fearing that his wife, Diane, and their two children might not honor the request, he came up with a novel way to enforce his demand: threatening to make a bequest to an organization he knew his wife opposed, Planned Parenthood.

“If my remains are not cremated and my ashes are not scattered or spread on the ground, I give to Planned Parenthood of Maryland” $50,000, Dr. Ivins wrote in the will. Court records value the estate at $143,000.

Quite an interesting will, which we would never have heard about if Dr. Ivins wasn't suspected of being the party behind the anthrax letters.

101 Women Bloggers to Watch Fall 2008

A couple of these bloggers are on my blogroll, but I certainly need to look into the others.

Policy of Gouging Rape Victims Began Under Palin’s Administration by Ampersand, at Alas, A Blog.

Ben Goldacre tells some good news: Matthias Rath drops his million pound legal case against me and the Guardian.



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