Saturday, September 13, 2008


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The picture is one I took about a week ago in the city hall square (Rådhuspladsen) of Copenhagen. It's a fairly large piece of street art by the Danish artist who goes by the name "Husk mit navn" ("Remember my name"). I presume it's a legal piece, since he is too well known to get away with putting up this sort of thing on such a prominent place.

He started out his career as a pure street artist though, and his pieces have a political side to them. This piece is no exception.

In Danish, Copenhagen is named København. However, if you split up the name to "Køb en havn" it means: "buy a harbor".
The artist has played on this with this installation.

The full text is:
"KØB EN HAVN og smid de fattige i vandet" which can be translated as "BUY A HARBOR and throw the poor into the water"


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