Monday, December 31, 2007

Lazy linking - end of the year

As people might have noticed, I haven't been blogging much. This is due to the fact that I'm pretty busy with an assignment that I have to hand in in a couple of weeks. Give that, I haven't really been reading blogs much either (though I have been involved in a couple of discussions about the repugnant Ron Paul). Nevertheless, here are some links that I've found interesting lately.

Sara, from Sara Speaking, discusses the reverse guilt many people of color feel when bringing up racism: because it’s not over til … um … ever.

I think that everyone who are interested in the Discovery Institutes's war on science have read ERV's explanation of the newest evidence for their copyright infringement: Discovery Institute, Dembski, Copyright, and 'Design of Life'

Orac shows us that not only does Ron Paul associate with far-right militia type people, he is also happy in the company of quacks. Actually, it goes deeper than that, but go read Orac's post: Ron Paul: Quackery enabler [note to Ron Paul followers: any comments that basically are about us not understanding Ron Paul will be deleted - you've spammed too many threads on the internet already]

The NY Times Magazine has an article about the life of Steve Gillard. I never read his blog much, but it's clear that he was a major force in the progressive blogsphere, whose presence will be much missed. (Via Jill at Feministe)

Over at Hoyden Around Town, they are taking nominations for the best feminist posts of the year. It's well worth clicking through the links in the comments.

Martin Rundkvist at Aardvarchaeology discusses Skepticism and Informed Consensus, to which Orac wrote a good companion post

That's all for now. Happy New Year everyone.



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