Sunday, October 14, 2007

Lazy linking - I've got a cold edition

It's starting to get close to freezing here in Denmark, and somehow I've managed to get a nasty cold, which leaves me less than energetic. So, instead of writing something substantial, I'll link to other people doing so.

Frank Rich has an op-ed in the NY Times on the acceptance of torture in the US: The ‘Good Germans’ Among Us. In that op-ed, Rich links to a column by Andrew Sullivan in the Times: Bush’s torturers follow where the Nazis led. I disagree with Sullivan strongly on a number of issues, but he has always been on the right side when it comes to torture.

David Neiwert comments on a report by the SPLC: Gay bashers are coming out - I read the article in the SPLC's magazine, Intelligence Report1, that Neiwert refers to, and it's scary reading. Pam Spaulding , over at Pandagon, adds her thoughts: Ken Hutcherson, Latvian fundies to work on anti-gay strategy at WA conference.
Beth, one of the commenters to Neiwert's post, linked to an article that should make it clear what kind of danger these people are: Russian Neo-Nazis follow tactics of Al-Qaeda

1 The SPLC is actually kind enough to send me the magazine, even though I live in Denmark.

I was contacted by a guy who runs a cafepress shop, Trilobite clothes, which has science-inspired clothes. Some of it seems pretty cool, so I thought I'd link to his shop.

Skeptico has shared the Woo Handbook with the rest of us.

Wired brings the story of another blasphemous American: Scotch Maverick Reinvents a Once-Conservative Drink

Halfway through our interview, John Glaser walks away from the table, leaving me alone with the tools of his trade: graduated cylinders, conical measures, tasting glasses, water and several flasks of Scotch whisky. At his urging, I'm going to create my own personal Scotch. I measure out 10-milliliter working tastes of each whisky, dilute them precisely from cask proof to 40 percent strength, and take a stab. Glaser makes it sound easy, but I'm not so sure. Maybe a few exploratory tastes will loosen me up.

It's a beautiful, sunny afternoon in Chiswick, London. The energetic Glaser, a forty-something Minnesotan whose ready grin mitigates his piercing gaze, is the sole whiskymaker of Compass Box, the boutique company he founded in 2000 after quitting his job as a marketing director for Johnnie Walker. At Compass Box, he's introduced some of the first innovations in decades to the craft of making and blending Scotch -- and in so doing, has won both accolades and brickbats from the conservative guardians of the whisky industry.

I like whisky a lot, and would be happy to try Glaser's product, however, I am a bit skeptical of the whole tone of the article. Perhaps that's because I've noticed that every time Wired writes about an American who does something that's traditionally been done by Europeans, they always say that the American revolutionize the industry.

Tim Lambert, of Deltoid, takes on those widely reported 'nine errors' from An Inconvenient Truth: An 'error' is not the same thing as an error.
Read it to see what he means.

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