Thursday, July 05, 2007

New example of the problem solving skills of Orang-utans

Orang-utans reach new level in water study

A great ape has been shown to use water as a tool for the first time, in the latest demonstration of their remarkable problem-solving skills.

The discovery was made when orang-utans took part in a pioneering experiment that was inspired by the ancient Aesop's fable in which a thirsty crow tossed stones into a pitcher to raise the level and drink the otherwise inaccessible water.

The experiment in Germany, described today in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters, details how one group of orang-utans had sufficient mental insight to "invent" the use of water as a tool to obtain a tasty treat.

Isn't that cool?
There is more in the Telegraph article, which also has a link to a video.

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