Friday, June 01, 2007

And I thought I collected too much junk

Sorry about the light posting, but it has been a busy week. However, I thought I should bring this article to peoples' attention.

Falwell memorabilia hits eBay after death

Since his death two weeks ago, more than 300 items related to the Rev. Jerry Falwell have been put up for sale on eBay, including an autographed bobblehead doll of the controversial evangelist dressed in a suit and holding a Bible.

It sold for $145.

$145? Couldn't those money have been used much better? Think of the meals for the poor such an amount could buy.

Oh, and I noticed something disquieting

An autographed 1978 Bible that the seller said was given to contributors to Falwell's Liberty University in its early stage of construction went for about $90.

Aren't books normally autographed by the author, illustrator or translator? Why would Falwell feel it appropriate to sign a Bible? Did he consider himself on equal level with "author" of the book?

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