Thursday, April 19, 2007

Political litmus tests for internship?

It seems like there has been a political litmus test for people who are accepted for internship in the Justice Department.Or so an anonymous letter sent to the House and Senate Judiciary Committees claims.

There is no doubt that US officials are evaluated not only on the merits of their qualifications, but frequently on their party affiliations, where the later outranks the first. We saw this happening when the positions in Iraq was filled, and we has seen it in a number of political appointments, e.g. the FDA, US attorneys, the position as president of the World Bank, the position as UN ambassador etc.

While some political litmus test has always been employed when choosing people for purely political positions, it has never been as widespread as under the Bush administration. The news that Regent University sent large number of graduates to the current administration should sound warning bells, as the university is definitely sub-par. The only merit such graduates in general could be said to have, is the correct political affiliation (right-winged or far-right Christian in general).

The litmus test for interns, however, must be considered a new low.



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