Saturday, April 14, 2007

New blog added to blogroll

Normally I don't mention it when I add new blogs to the blogroll, since most of the blogs there are well-known to most already. However, since the newest blog on the roll is quite new, I thought I'd mention it.

Welcome to Angry Toxicologist

Self-described as

I am a Ph.D. scientist in the public health sector with a good amount of toxicology and regulatory knowledge. I’m not going to be dishing about projects I am privy to, but I am much freer to make my opinions known anonymously, than I could do in a completely public forum.

Although other topics will probably be brought up from time to time (Friday is no day for science), this blog will be focused on public health and the science behind it and will be written for the non-scientist without dumbing anything down. I feel that almost anyone can understand complex scientific topics, they just can’t get past the jargon. This isn’t a popular theory among scientists, or lay people for that matter, but I’m convinced I’m right. Due to my loneliness in this conviction, there is a lack of resources for non-scientists to learn about and discuss what is going on in the research and public health world. I hope we fix that.

I am already impressed by the posts already up, and am looking forward to what the future will bring.

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