Friday, April 06, 2007

Jessica Valenti in the Guardian

Jessica from Feministing has a good piece in the Guardian.

How the web became a sexists' paradise

Jessica describes how women are attacked in different ways on the web than men are, and come with some examples (Kathy Sierra, Jill of Feministe's recent experiences, and Jessica's own experiences after her meeting with Clinton). None of these stories are new to those of us who follows these things, but I think they are good examples of what Jessica is talking about.

Jessica also makes one very important point in the article, that I think is worth repeating.

Most disturbing is how accepted this is. When women are harassed on the street, it is considered inappropriate. Online, though, sexual harassment is not only tolerated - it's often lauded. Blog threads or forums where women are attacked attract hundreds of comments, and their traffic rates rocket.

There is a pretty bad culture on the internet when it comes to this, and it will take a lot of work changing it.

Go read it.

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