Saturday, March 31, 2007

A meme post

I don't do many meme posts, but I thought this one might be ok, since it might give people more knowledge about me.

Ten years ago, I: was studying economics at the University of Copenhagen, after having dropped out of studying Economics and Business Administration at Copenhagen Business School

Five years ago, I: was on the last year of a 2½ year education called Advanced Computer Studies (Datamatiker in Danish). Basicly I learned systems development and programming there.
I finished the education in november, and had to look for a job in the middle of a down period of the Danish IT sector.

One year ago, I: was about to change job three times, and move twice (both times within the same city). My father would also die relatively soon (in August), after a long time of heavy alcoholism.

So far this year, I: have traveled to Australia to visit my family. I have also started a blog.

Today, I: am dead tired, due to a birthday party for a friend yesterday. I am planning on turning of the computer soon, and read a book for the rest of the evening (it's after half past nine in the evening here).

Tomorrow, I: need to study for an exam just after Easter. I am quite behind on reading up on the subject, and due to full-time work, I haven't been to classes at all.

In one year, I: will hopefully have finished my bachelors degree in computer science. Other than that, not much will have changed.

In five years, I: will probably be somewhere else than I would have thought today, so I won't make any guesses.

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