Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lazy linking

Well, you know the drill - I've come across a few links that I thought might be of interest to people, but don't really have anything to write about them, so I'll add them all together.

Giant squid in a math answer - one of those funny answers to a math exam that you sometimes find on the internet, but involving a giant squid (yes, I have sent the link to PZ).

Richard Dawkins won the British Book Awards' prize for Best Author of the Year. BTW, the official title of his award is the Reader's Digest Author of the Year. Not really a flattering title, is it?

Last Female WWI Vet Dies at 109

The last known surviving American female World War I veteran, a refined Civil War buff who met face-to-face with the Secretary of the Navy to fight for women in the military, has died. She was 109.

Charlotte Winters died Tuesday at a nursing home near Boonsboro in northwest Maryland, the U.S. Naval District in Washington said in a statement. Her death leaves just five known surviving American World War I veterans.

I wonder if there is any known female WWI veterans alive outside the US.

For the Geek crowd: The Top Ten Lies of Engineers. Nothing about Intelligent Design in the list, though, since they ar all computer project related.

A classic paper from 1994: Barriers to Women in Academic Science and Engineering
I will perhaps comment on issues related to this paper some other time, and I will certainly comment on issues related to this 2005 article In computer science, a growing gender gap.

The Effort Effect - According to a Stanford psychologist, you’ll reach new heights if you learn to embrace the occasional tumble.



Blogger Kev said...

'Readers Digest' is like a posh book club ;o)

March 29, 2007 12:31 PM  
Blogger King Aardvark said...

Holy crap,
a) what a nice drawing
b) that answer was worth at least 8/10, not 4/10.

I can't believe I used to TA classes on stuff like that. Two years later and I remember nothing.

March 29, 2007 8:49 PM  

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