Monday, August 12, 2013

It has been awfully quiet around here

I know, it has been awfully quiet around here, and I am a bit unhappy about that, but I hit outrage fatigue at some point, and I seem to have gotten into the habbit of being an ex-blogger.

Will this change? I hope so. I have a few subjects I want to write about, but right now, it would feel wrong to write about anything else than about the horrible stories we have heard about high profile skeptics.

If I did that, I would quickly be heading towards outrage fatigue again, burned out by my rage against the scum who sexual harass and assault people, covering behind their status in the community. This is not the way I think I should go, so I think I will wait a bit before starting writing again - at least about that subject.

Until then, I hope I can get back to some light blogging, hopefully about science and international politics.



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