Sunday, October 05, 2008

Pat Robertson makes a prediction

I just came across this piece of news

Pat Robertson: Israel will strike Iran

Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson is urging prayer before Election Day to stave off an imminent Middle Eastern war he said could bring nuclear attacks on the United States.

In a letter on his Web site,, Robertson said his opinion was that Israel would bomb Iranian nuclear sites between Nov. 4 and the inauguration of the United States' new president.

Robertson tied his warning to biblical prophecy. His letter, which starts out describing his concerns about Russian aggression in Georgia, predicted that Russia would also enter the war, though the United States would not. "However, we may not be spared nuclear strikes against coastal cities" in America.

Why is anyone taking this guy serious? The concept of Israel taking out Iran's nuclear sites is not totally far-fetched, though the timing is doubtful (to say the least), but Robertson ties this to biblical prophecy! And the idea that the US and Russia will go to war over what happens to Iran is quite ridiculous.

Of course, the call for prayer gives an easy way out - when the prophecy fails to come true, the prayers will be used as an excuse.

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