Saturday, May 03, 2008

Lazy linking

Even though the weather is really nice outside, I have been spending a little time reading stuff on the internet, and thought I'd share some of it.

Bjorn Lomborg Bibliography

Bjorn Lomborg, the "Skeptical Environmentalist " will go into high media rotation later this month with a sequel to his Copenhagen Consensus 2004 conference.

Hopefully this post will provide a resource for those curious about accuracy of his work, and the legitimacy of his conclusions.

Personally, I detest Lomborg. Not because of his message, which is simplistic and often quite wrong, but because of his blatant misuse of science, and dishonesty about other peoples' research and his own agenda. Always great to have an easy resource to link to.

Why We Sleep: The Temporal Organization of Recovery by Emmanuel Mignot (PLoS Biology)

Creation, Power and Violence - Blake Stacey writes about the real cases where people have been prosecuted over their beliefs regarding evolution. And it's not as Expelled tried to portrait it.

Antivaccinationist activism versus measles in the U.S.: Are the chickens coming home to roost? - Orac explains why antivaccinationists are dangerous.

The Case Against Intelligent Design - an interview with Kenneth Miller (via Ed)

Feminist speakers 'bridge' cultural boundaries

A panel of prominent feminist scholars spoke on issues of prejudice and struggle during “25 years after ‘This Bridge Called My Back,’” a special event put on by the Wismer Center for Gender and Diversity Studies in the Pigott Auditorium last Thursday.

“This Bridge Called My Back,” a book by Cherríe Moraga and Gloria Anzaldúa, was the centerpiece of the day’s event. First published in 1981, the book is a compilation of essays by feminist women of color who challenged traditional views of feminism and social change. In the book, authors present their unique struggles as women from different cultural backgrounds and upbringings, and make the inclusion of different viewpoints their central issue.

Given recent dust-ups in the feminist blogsphere, it sounds like this book is as relevant as ever.

A few inter-connected livejournal posts about men, feminism, privilege and a lot of other issues:
Don't Be That Guy, Thoughts on Men and Rape, My Tits. Mine., My turn in the can 'o worms..., and A Straight Geek Male's Guide to Interaction with Females. Also connected to these issues is this LA Times op-ed Men who explain things. (initial link via Sara).

Each and every one of these posts contains some good advice to how men should and shouldn't behave around women, but I find it really sad that it's necessary for people to write these things.

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