Saturday, July 07, 2007

Group of rare monkeys found in Vietnam

Via ScienceDaily, we get the good news that "[a] team of scientists from WWF and Conservation International (CI) has discovered the world’s largest known population of grey-shanked doucs (Pygathrix cinerea)".

This is great news, since the grey-shanked doucs are among the most endangered primates, and the discovery of the group, adds a significant number of individuals to those already known.

Recent surveys in Que Phuoc Commune in Quang Nam Province recorded at least 116 animals (the number of individuals observed), with an estimated population of over 180 individuals. To date, only a small part of the area has been surveyed, meaning significantly more doucs may live in the adjacent forest.

Primates in Vietnam are generally endangered, so it's critical that preservation work is done, to ensure the survival of these. Hopefully it's not too late for the grey-shanked doucs, and the like.

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