Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kryptonite found in Serbian mine

Ok, some headlines write themselves, and I see that ScienceDaily couldn't resist.

Superman Beware: Scientists Uncover Kryptonite

Superman’s nemesis, kryptonite, is no longer the stuff of fiction. A new mineral matching its unique chemistry – as described in the film Superman Returns – has been identified by scientists at the Natural History Museum and Canada’s National Research Council.

What are the odds? (no, don't answer that one)
Quite amusing, isn't it? Unfortunately there are some disappointing aspects.

Kryptonite’s devastating power is the bane of Superman stories, where exposure to its large green crystals causes the superhero to weaken dramatically. Unlike its famous counterpart however, the new mineral is white, powdery and not radioactive. And, rather than coming from outer space, the real kryptonite was found in Serbia.

According to the article, the mineral will be formally named Jadarite when it is described in the European Journal of Mineralogy later this year.

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