Monday, August 04, 2008

Lazy linking

Another round of interesting links, that I would like to share.

Via Book Balloon, I came across two interesting links.

Scientists recover complete dinosaur skeleton

Japanese and Mongolian scientists have successfully recovered the complete skeleton of a 70-million-year-old young dinosaur, a nature museum announced Thursday.

The scientists uncovered a Tarbosaurus—related to the giant carnivorous Tyrannosaurus—from a chunk of sandstone they dug up in August, 2006 in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, said Takuji Yokoyama, a spokesman for the Hayashibara Museum of Natural Sciences, a co-organizer of the joint research project.

"We were so lucky to have found remains that turned out to be a complete set of all the important parts," he said.

After two years of careful preparatory work, scientists found that the fossilized skeleton only lacked neck bones and the tip of the tail.

Young dinosaur skeletons are hard to find in good condition because they often are destroyed by weather decay or because they were torn apart by predators. The latest find would be a major step toward discovering the growth and development of dinosaurs, Yokoyama said.

Silent spring

Deep in the radioactive bowels of the smashed Chernobyl reactor, a strange new lifeform is blooming.

The 92nd Skeptics' Circle is up over at the Lay Scientist. It's a new blog to me, but it's definitely not the last time I've visited it.

Over at Wired there is a quite interesting article, at least to me, about what open source projects do with money they receive.
What Do Small Open Source Projects Do With Money? Not Much.
I think it goes without saying that we hardly have these problems in the sort of projects I work in.

PalMD takes on the Bush administration's new theocratic urges in two posts Theocracy in action---HHS proposes to limit birth control and Conscientious objector or deserter?

An oldie, but good: How to Sell a Pseudoscience

Feministing has a good Weekly Feminist Reader

The Obama campaign has started a new website Fight the Smears

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