Friday, March 02, 2007

Copenhagen, yesterday

Copenhagen has again been in the international news, due to riots in the street. This is something that happens with frigthening frequency. The cause this time was the eviction of people from Ungdomshuset.

I hunted around on flickr, and found some photos:

This photo was taken close to Christiania, where some demonstrators set containers on fire. The smoke in the picture is either from those fires, or from teargas used against the demonstrators.

According to the text description, this picture was taken yesterday morning. That would have been around the time when the police cleared the house.

The title of this picture translates to 'tough bouncers'. It shows the police in full riot gear, making sure that no one gets to the house.

I included this picture to show that some of the people involved are fairly young. Many of them are young teenagers, just like the kids on the picture.

Of course, none of these pictures shows the actual fighting that has been going on, and which has let to over 200 people getting arrested.

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