Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blogroll have been temporarily removed

I have temporarily removed the blogroll, as it was out of date, with many dead links, and because it linked to blogs that I no longer wants to be associated with.

There are diferent views on blogrolls and on whether they can be considered an endorsement or not. Well, I am of the opinion that while I don't have to be in complete agreement with everything a blogger on the blogroll does, and can disagree on things like e.g. politics and religion, I am implicitly endorsing the behavior or style of the blogs on my blogroll.

This means that while I will link to Republican blogs or blogs run by religious bloggers, I won't link to blogs which contains racist, bigoted, or misogynist language, and which allows for a comment culture where that sort of language is tolerated. Some of the blogs which used to be on my blogroll, has unfortunately gone down that road.



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