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116th Tangled Bank

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Welcome to the 116th edition of the Tangled Bank. As usually, we have a lot of good stuff for you all. Unlike some former hosts, I am not a very creative writer, and I'll spare you all from any attempts of making some kind of theme for this Tangled Bank. So, without any further ado, let's get to the posts.

Biology, botany, paleontology and evolution

Perhaps unsurprisingly, posts about these subjects are well represented (again) in this edition. The reason why I group them together, is that it can sometimes be hard to say whether a post is about botany or biology, or about biology or paleontology.

Over at the Evolving Mind, Andrew goes into the past with his post Not Chicken Fingers, Fish Fingers

GrrlScientist tells the story of one positive result from Hurricane Ike: Hurricane Ike Unearths Fossil Tooth in Paleontologist's Yard

Another post by GrrlScientist tells us about the newest research into how "individuals of a social species engag[ing] in frequent battles for limited reproductive opportunities" can have a negative impact on conservation efforts. Love, Sex and War in the Seychelles

At Pleiotropy, Bjørn Østman writes about the latest research into the evolution of DNA in Non-functional DNA conserved in evolution

Dr. Jeff Wells writes about Carbon-Eating Forests over at the Boreal Bird Blog

Perhaps a bit borderline, as it deals with politics, I still found DanH's post Does the IUCN take agricultural biodiversity seriously? relevant for this carnival.

At the FruitForum they write wild apple trees in An Apple at the Sea Side!, and at Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog, Jeremy writes about a landscape to marvel at.

Mike shares the good news Birds Make Peace With Turbines. Always good with some more peace in the world....

Again, political in nature, but again relevant to science and medicine: Obama, McCain on Our Ocean's Health by Kevin Zelnio at Deep Sea News

Eric Heupel not only shares with us the tale of the Nobel Jelly, but also goes into grasshoppers in Wilted Greens

neurobiotaxis writes about Cerebral assymetry in an evolutionary perspective

The founder of the Tangled Bank, PZ Myers, is apparently too modest to send any submissions, but I thought I'd include his post on the Fossil daisy-chain


Over at Tunnel Under Snow, Noni Mausa used the opportunity of Mental Illness Awareness Week to bring our attention to our own behavior. With friends like this...

PalMD gives us a lesson in Cancer 101

Math and physics

It's not all just posts related to biology etc. There is also some posts about other types of science.

At Stochastic Scribbles, the meaning of the number 137 is explained to us.

Photos and art

This category deals with posts containing photos and art related to science.

GrrlScientist has a post up on the photos from the Scopes Trial: Original Photos from the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trial: John Thomas Scopes. Make sure to click through to the full flickr collection, which has been put up.

Over at Drawing the Motmot, Debby Cotter Kaspari shares some of her work with us. The Light in the Dark Forest and Plein Air Pen and Ink. As someone without any artistic talent, I'm always in awe of other peoples' works.

Odd bits

Posts that are hard to categorize, but which might still fit into the general theme of the Tangled Bank.

At Science Made Cool, Cambias goes a little into the problems with werewolf lore: Monster Mash(3)

At Submitted to a Candid World, they take a hard look at a certain brand of homeschooling: Conservapedia Tries Homeschooling; and, the Miseducation of America’s Youth

Food chemistry is also a form of science, so I found Brian's post over at The Off Season Recipe Blog well worthy of inclusion: Oh, must be pectin 'cause starch don't shake like that

Grrlscientist takes us for a visit to The Montlake Fill (UBNA) in Seattle.

I was asked to point people to a new science-related blog Vaviblog, and any blog that has guest posts from Ola T. Westengen, Coordinator of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway, cannot be completely uninteresting to the readers of this carnival.

This concludes the 116th edition of the Tangled Bank, I hope you enjoyed it. The next edition will be up on 29 October 2008 at Neural Gourmet

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Blogger Jeremy said...

Thanks for linking to us, and for all the other good reads out there.

October 15, 2008 12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kristjan. I will start reading the rest of the TB after the debate.

October 16, 2008 4:10 AM  
Blogger Alan B said...

Thanks for the links.

From one Tangled Bank to the next I enjoy the mixture of clever writing and clear, simple statements like yours.

Vive the differences!

October 17, 2008 1:13 AM  

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