Saturday, June 14, 2008

High levels of lead found in Herbalife products

There is an institute called the Fraud Discovery Institute which has been investigating Herbalife for a number of issues.

In May they released a report on the findings of dangerously high lead levels in six common Herbalife products - it can be found here (.pdf) While earlier studies in to Herbalife products haven't focused on lead, they have found indications of serious dangers, when people took those products. This was reported in an article in Journal of Hepatology issue 47 (2007) page 521–526, which is also available from the Fraud Discovery Institute website (.pdf)

Herbalife reacted to the report about lead levels by stating that two independent labs had vindicated their products from these accusations. Not surprisingly, the Discovery Fraud Institute doesn't agree with this.

Now it seems like there is going to be further investigation into it.

I find Herbalife problematic for a number of reasons, not least because they are basically a pyramid scheme. However, this is much more serious accusations than anything I've previously heard, and I hope that there is some serious investigation into this.

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