Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Atheist Thirteen

I found nullifidian's new blog meme rather good, so I thought I'd steal it.

If you’d like to take part, copy these questions, and answer them in your own words on your own blog.

Q1. How would you define “atheism”?

Lack of belief in any deity.

Q2. Was your upbringing religious? If so, what tradition?

No, my parents were not religious. However, I live in a country with a state church, and had Christianity as a subject in school. Denmark is Lutheran Protestant.

Q3. How would you describe “Intelligent Design”, using only one word?


Q4. What scientific endeavour really excites you?

None and all. I find it fascinating how scientists keep expanding our knowledge.

Q5. If you could change one thing about the “atheist community”, what would it be and why?

I would like us to be more open towards agnostics. And I would like everyone to stand up and be counted.

Q6. If your child came up to you and said “I’m joining the clergy”, what would be your first response?

Who are you?

If I was aware that I had a child, I would say something like:
Yes my dear, the last few years you spent on studying theology kinda gave it away (you have to have a theology degree to become a priest here).

Q7. What’s your favorite theistic argument, and how do you usually refute it?

I can't say that I have a favorite theistic argument. But I hate Pascal's Wager with a passion, since it's simplistic and stupid, yet the people who put it forth seems to believe it's clever.

Q8. What’s your most “controversial” (as far as general attitudes amongst other atheists goes) viewpoint?

I think race is a social construct. Quite a few other agrees with this stance, but many don't.

Q9. Of the “Four Horsemen” (Dawkins, Dennett, Hitchens and Harris) who is your favourite, and why?

Dawkins is probably my favorite, due to his overall views. Dennett I haven't yet read. Hitchens I disagree somewhat with politically, and Harris' implicit defense of torture means that I have no respect for him.

Q10. If you could convince just one theistic person to abandon their beliefs, who would it be?


Now name three other atheist blogs that you’d like to see take up the Atheist Thirteen gauntlet:

I won't name anyone, but I hope some of my readers might pick it up on their own.

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