Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fossil linking frogs and salamanders might have been found

National Geographic News brings this interesting piece of news: "Frog-amander" Fossil May Be Amphibian Missing Link

It's an interesting find because it seems to be evidence that salamanders and frogs have ancestors in the same fossil group - this is not revolutionary news, since this was expected, but it's still nice to have such things verified.

The fossil is also interesting because it's pretty advanced considering how old it is.

A side note about the discovery of the find, is that the fossil was actually found back in the mid-90s, but were not really looked into until 2004.

According to the article, the study of the fossil should be in this week's Nature, but unfortunately I haven't been able to locate it, so I can't link to it.

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Blogger Erik Champion said...

I blogged about this article too. I think this is just fascinating!


May 25, 2008 4:20 AM  

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