Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feminism on the net

While I am primarily a science blogs, especially these days when I'm busy at work, I also cover other progressive issues, such as feminism. I'm neglected that aspect lately, and while I have a couple of ideas to some posts related to that subject, I don't expect to get around to covering those before after my exam on March 5th.

Fortunately, I'm only small-fry when it comes to feminism, and there are much better resources on the internet. It seems like the Utne Reader has become aware of this (not that they are better than me, but the fact that there are great feminist resources on the net - they don't even know I exist).

The article gives a short introduction to feminism on the internet, linking first to the most well-known. I am a great fan of all those mentioned, but I still find it quite good that the writer of the article, Danielle Maestretti, went a little further, and found some of the other great feminist blogs, and ended up with a more diverse list than we normally see in these articles (while still leaving out the "feminists" on the right).

I could of course mention many other great feminist sites, and you'll find many of them on my blogroll (please visit them), but as an introduction to the feminist blogsphere, Maestretti did a great job.

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Blogger Bryan Welch said...

Nice blog - and we do know you exist!

Bryan Welch
Publisher & Editorial Director
Utne Reader

February 25, 2008 12:45 AM  

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