Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dawkins honored for his science writing

Richard Dawkins accepts 2006 Lewis Thomas Prize

The 2006 Rockefeller University Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing about Science has been awarded to British ethologist, evolutionary biologist and popular science writer Richard Dawkins. Rockefeller’s president, Paul Nurse, presented the award to Dawkins yesterday at a ceremony in Caspary Auditorium, where Dawkins gave a lecture titled “Queerer than We Can Suppose: The Strangeness of Science.”

Given that the newsrelease was written on the 25th, I presume that "yesterday" would have been April 24th.

I like the argument for why he received the prize:

“In eloquent, evocative prose, Richard Dawkins conveys the certainty that, rather than diminishing the myriad beauties of the universe and extinguishing wonderment at its mysteries, science reveals truths that are yet more awe-inspiring than the mysteries they solve,” President Nurse said at the award ceremony. “As such he has achieved the ideal of the Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing about Science.”

Also note the long list of other awards that the article mentions that Dawkins has received.

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Dont be silly, Kris! Dawkins is clearly hurting the cause ;)

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