Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A quick introduction

I think I'll try to get this blog off the ground, and see if I can add some content to the internet.

First of all, I'll make a quick introduction of myself though.

My name is Kristjan Wager, and I'll be your host at this blog. I was born in 1975 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I still live. Currently I am studying computer science while working full-time as a IT Consultant.1 As you might have guessed, my studies suffer from this.

I have been commenting on blogs for years now, mostly progressive, feminist, and science blogs, though I do make the occasional comment on Conservative blogs as well.

The focus of this blog will be science, pseudo-science and anti-science. Where I am pro-science, and against the later two. There will also be stuff about feminism, international and US politics, atheism, and whatever else catches my fancy.

1 For those interested in that stuff, I work mostly within the .NET framework, developing in C# (and SQL of course). Academically I have used C/C++, Matlab, Standard ML, Java and a bunch of other stuff. In the past, I've deloped in ASP and PHP.

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